Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Music Choices...Crazy!

Recently I have fallen into a music purchasing frenzy. I have bought four new albums as well as two songs that I've really wanted for a while. The first is Anyone Else But You from the movie soundtrack to Juno. I really liked this movie. Working in a high school, I have to say that this is exactly how teenagers act. I also bought the song Superman by Lazlo Bane - most of you will recognize it as the theme song to Scrubs - which Jared and I have gotten into a pattern of watching together. When I couldn't sleep the other night, I decided that I needed some nice, relaxing music and felt entirely in the mood for England Dan & John Ford Coley. They're a duo from the late seventies, and you guys probably know a lot of their songs even though you're currently going "Who the heck are they?" Next, I decided that I really liked the Fray songs that Jennie had given me, so I bought How To Save A Life. I really like the CD and it reminds me of fun times with my sister, too. It's also a departure for me, but I'm not too interested in new country anymore; they are all beginning to sound the same and even some older artists are changing their styles to be more like the new pop/crossover bands. Weezer's blue album was on sale at FYE, so I got it. This is the album that has those great songs such as Buddy Holly, Say it Ain't So, The Sweater Song, and My Name is Jonas. The CD reminds me a little of high school and a lot of Mandy, who used to sing and play several of these songs when we were just messing around on our guitars - fun times. Finally, you will all be shocked, but I bought Corrine Baily Rae's self titled album. Her voice is so beautiful and she doesn't overdo it. Her songs are sultry and moody, which fits her R&B genre, but they're also fun and in a few places really cute. I love them! Yes, I'm eclectic, and yes, I'm crazy. No, I don't know what generation I'm from, but I just thought I'd share some of my eccentricity with y'all.