Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blessing Day

Today was Kaitlyn's blessing. She wore my blessing dress from when I was a baby. My grandma Zaelit made the bonnet, my grandma Webb made the blanket, and the pink fuzzy shoes belonged to my dad. (Side bar: when my grandma got pregnant again, she was so excited! She already had two boys and she knew this one was going to be a girl. She went out and bought these shoes, but alas, my dad was a boy. She still tried the shoes on him, but didn't take him out in public, and kept the shoes because she couldn't part with them. Now Jennie and I get to use them for our little girls' blessings.) Anyway, it was so good to see all of our family. Many of my family came down from the Salt Lake area and Mom & Dad came down from Idaho. It was so great to see them and share this special event with them. Jared blessed Kaitlyn and it was a beautiful blessing. I know he was nervous, but he did a great job! I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the wonderful husband I have who honors it. I love the fact that the Lord has given us a way to bless our infants, to give them strength and guidance as they grow. I know that many people might say that babies are too young, but I do not believe that at all. I know that Kaitlyn is closer to Heavenly Father right now than any of us, and I know that she understands the words of her blessings. We named her Kaitlyn Elenore Brown after my grandma Webb. She passed away in May, but she was so excited for this little girl to come visit our family. I know that she loved Kaitlyn and spent time with her before Kaitlyn arrived. I also believe that Grandma was present on Sunday as well. I didn't get any pictures of the bonnet, blanket, or shoes - I will at a later date.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kaitlyn's first month

Well, it's been a month and I know I haven't been very good at updating. My excuse is a C-section incision to heal from and a newborn with a yeast infection that cries and fusses and wants to be held all the time!
Here's the updates:
Jared turned 25! I am so grateful for this wonderful man in my life, even more so now that we have a daughter. Saturday I was taking a bath & reading (Jared was taking care of Kaitlyn so I could have a relaxing morning) and while I was there, I heard Jared singing to Kaitlyn. The BYU fight song, I Am a Child of God, and World of Imagination were among the soundtrack. She loves his voice. Kaitlyn has become a great football watching buddy with Dad...too bad the Cougars decided not to play on Saturday.
Anyway, Mom Brown was in town for a week, taking care of us and playing with Kaitlyn. We are so grateful for her help, meals, love, and advice. While Mom was here I took Kaitlyn to the Dr for the first and second time. She hadn't made it back up to her birth weight at 2 weeks, and by 2 1/2 she had a very groggy morning where she didn't wake up much and didn't eat hardly anything. Also, she had the beginnings of a very nasty diaper rash. The doctor suggested measuring everything she ate, which meant that I go up at 2 to pump, then feed her. Long nights. He also suggested a cream for her rash, since desitin hadn't been working. The following Monday Mom Brown had gone home and Mom Zaelit had a birthday. She wanted to spend it with her family at the zoo - Kaitlyn's first trip. I don't think she cared much. Later in the week I took Kaitlyn back to the dr to be weighed and to discuss her rash, which had started bleeding. I did some research and was pretty sure that it was a yeast infection. Her weight was up - yay!, and the dr (a different one this time) said he was pretty sure it wasn't an infection and suggested a different cream. Three days later she was crying whenever she filled her diaper and it was still bleeding, I took her back, asked specifically about a yeast infection. The dr once again said no, and suggested yet another cream. Two days later it still wasn't better, so I called and wanted to see the first dr again. They double booked him and fit us in, thank heavens. He gave us two perscriptions and a different cream (seriously, I feel like a lotion store here). Thank heavens, it's started clearing up and Kaitlyn has been back to her usual sweet and smiley self.
That's the update. Kaitlyn weighed 8 lbs 15 oz on her one month birthday and has loved all the attention she has gotten from family. Especially the visit from Great Grandma Brown. She has also started smiling at us, especially when we're singing. Her favorites: Dancing Queen, World of Imagination, and California Girls. With Grandma BrownCousin Thomas came to visitGreat Grandma BrownGrandma ZaelitFamily photoGo Cougars At the Zoo