Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat!

Our ward has a trunk or treat party/chili cook-off every year.  This was the first year we went and we had a great time.  Kaity loved her costume so much she started dancing when we put it on and it was a battle to get it off for jammies that night.  At first, Kaity wasn't so sure about taking other people's candy, but soon enough she got the hang of walking up to people, looking at them cutely, getting candy, and putting it into her bucket.  She was especially good with the concept of "pick one" (and only one).  The last picture is of Kaity singing into the mic at the ward party.  She was totally into her performance.

Sadly, I didn't notice until I got home that Kaity had put a beautiful thumbprint on the lens, so sorry about the blurry pics.  I have cleaned the lens for Halloween tomorrow.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Our Family 2011
I love that we're all looking at each other and Kaity is like "what am I doing here?"


Notice the veins in my dad's neck and hands?  He was having a very difficult time keeping Kaity on his lap!

Jennie, Brett & Sean

This is Kaity's mischievous smile.  She wouldn't keep her shoes on and she wouldn't sit on that chair, I'm surprised we even got this one.

Taking pictures is a very serious thing

An absolutely sweet picture of my little girl.  Amazed that we got this one, too, since she was being far from sweet during the photo shoot.

Running - this was her favorite shot to take  We took Jared's wedding ring and threw it across the room for her to chase.

Momma & Kaity
We went to this great place last Friday called Fotofly in Draper.  It was awesome!  The photographers were great and (most important to me) they were patient with my two-year-old who was no longer patient with pictures.  Seriously, why would Kaity ever want to hold still?  There was so much stuff to climb on, look at and play with.  That said, we got some great shots of the family, and the few that we got of Kaity were perfect!  The best part?  We paid $80 (plus tip) for the one hour session and got a copy of the CD with photo rights.  Yes, that's right, the CD was included in the price of the sitting fee!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Psych is even funnier with a toddler!

Here are a few quotes that we appreciated from last night's premiere:
"What are you basing your British accent on?"
Shawn: "The usual places, Peter Pan, the Geico Gecko, Phineas & Ferb's Granddad"

After Gus flatly refuses to go along with Shawn's new crazy idea, which of course he ends up going along with anyway:
Shawn: "Come on, Gus, don't be the mystery mousketool."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kaitlyn's Boyfriend

Yes, you read that right.  Kaity has a boyfriend.  She is ultimately in love with this guy.  She dances like him, she talks like him.  She lights up with a huge smile whenever she sees him.  We have put his image up all over the house, on sippies, in coloring books, we have bought books about him and dolls that look like him.  If Kaity doesn't do what she's supposed to do, we threaten that she'll no longer get to see the love of her life.  He is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up, and the last thing she looks for when she goes to bed.
We are obsessed.
Luckily, it's not with Bieber - as other parents of little girls are afflicted.
We are obsessed with this man:
Buzz Lightyear
Our best friend
The perfect man
Even better than food
(Note: there may be some sarcasm in this statement.  I can only say that any cynicism is contributed by the fact that I have seen Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 about 200 times in the past month.  No exaggeration.  At least it's less annoying that Saturday's Warrior was, Jennie :) )
Also important persons at our house:

Moo Moo (she thinks all horses are cows), Hat (she has trouble with the 'W' sound so this is what she calls Woody), and Jessie
We also love Piggy (Hamm), Roar (Rex), Puppy (Slinky), HUT HUT HUT (shouted: the army men), and Toys (the aliens)