Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Our Family 2011
I love that we're all looking at each other and Kaity is like "what am I doing here?"


Notice the veins in my dad's neck and hands?  He was having a very difficult time keeping Kaity on his lap!

Jennie, Brett & Sean

This is Kaity's mischievous smile.  She wouldn't keep her shoes on and she wouldn't sit on that chair, I'm surprised we even got this one.

Taking pictures is a very serious thing

An absolutely sweet picture of my little girl.  Amazed that we got this one, too, since she was being far from sweet during the photo shoot.

Running - this was her favorite shot to take  We took Jared's wedding ring and threw it across the room for her to chase.

Momma & Kaity
We went to this great place last Friday called Fotofly in Draper.  It was awesome!  The photographers were great and (most important to me) they were patient with my two-year-old who was no longer patient with pictures.  Seriously, why would Kaity ever want to hold still?  There was so much stuff to climb on, look at and play with.  That said, we got some great shots of the family, and the few that we got of Kaity were perfect!  The best part?  We paid $80 (plus tip) for the one hour session and got a copy of the CD with photo rights.  Yes, that's right, the CD was included in the price of the sitting fee!


Cathy said...

AWESOME PICTURES! I love them. They did a fantastic job! Love the colors, etc. She is about the cutest thing ever!

dtroff said...

These are so adorable! Thank you for sharing.

Sean and Jennie said...

I didn't realize it was Jared's wedding ring younwere throwing! So funny! Great pictures of an adorable girl!