Thursday, April 28, 2011

The parable of the Wise Old Man and the Thief

For Cathy, Cindy, and Laurie: fellow servants of the Wise Old Man.

And it came to pass that a cry went out to all the world that they should be gathered to celebrate the virtuous accomplishments of a certain fair maid.  And so, the father of the maid, a lawyer, threw a feast to honor the maid where much exotic food was eaten, including yummy honey walnut shrimp from that most exotic of eastern foods, Panda.
Also attending this celebration was a wise and kind old man, with many faithful servants.  This old man was the master of the lawyer, and had traveled far on his horse to attend the feast in honor of the maid.  Being aged in years, but not in mind, the wise man tied his horse in front of the house where the feast was held and commenced with the celebration.
Now, as the man and his many faithful servants were feasting, a thief came, and set upon the wise man’s horse.  The lawyer, being of a quick temper but a good heart, rushed to save the horse.  When the thief refused to leave but offered to be persuaded by a small tax, the lawyer became angry.  There was also at this feast a young apprentice in chemical carpentry.  The apprentice went to the aid of the lawyer, and performed all tasks that were asked.  As it became clear that the lawyer and the apprentice were going to prevent the thief from his prey, the thief fetched a Pharisee.
Fearing for their lives, the lawyer and the apprentice fled with the horse, but the thief had witnesses who had quickly painted a portrait of the scene.  The Pharisee arrived, already having consulted with the leader of the thieves den.  He then contested with the wise old man.  You see, in the town where the wise old man lived, only a Pharisee could take a horse, and a thief taken to prison for taking another man’s property.  However, in the town of the maid’s feast, the thieves had begun to make their living by taxing others for leaving their horses unattended.  The wise old man was both kind and reasonable, and persuaded the Pharisee to leave him his horse.  The lawyer and the apprentice were able to return to the feast and the thief went away unrewarded.
Now, those who have ears to hear, let them hear:  It is not always a bad thing to be faithful servants of a wise, old man who looks like Santa Claus :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Once I find my camera cord there will be a massive picture dump.  For now, here's one of Kaity on her Easter egg hunt yesterday