Monday, June 28, 2010

Manic Mondays: My bed...zzzzzzzzz

teething baby
really cute top front teeth
only 4 hours sleep (for me, she slept fine while I was holding her)
I like tylenol
I like popsicles
fever of 102
fever of 101
fever of 99
solid nights sleep
fever of 101
fever of 98
more popsicles
go to emergency room with sister
baby is asleep
no sign of fever
I like my bed

Monday, June 14, 2010

Manic Mondays: Just a Spoonful of Sugar!

Mary Poppins was right, when the medicine tastes better, it goes down easier.  This is also true for vegetables.  I have found that mixing a touch of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp sugar into peas, carrots, squash, and green beans gets Kaitlyn to eat them.  Now, I know you are all going to freak about not giving your infants refined sugar, etc.  But hey, I'd rather her have a bit of sugar and all the nutrients from the veggies than neither at all!  I mean, the girl has spit green beans at me and will remove any veggie from her mouth with her fingers or pretend that they make her gag.  The sugar is worth it - and when was the last time you ate veggies without some sort of accommodation?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Manic Mondays: Bumpy Labels

Sometimes you find things that are cool and you buy them just because they are so awesome!  In this case, not only are they awesome, they are useful.  Here are a few tricks and tools that I've found to make days as a Mom easier, more fun, or just plain cooler.  First up:

Bumpy Labels.  I saw these in Parenting Magazine and thought they were so cool, but rather needless since I don't take Kaity to daycare.  However, after spending a week in Boise with two babies who had sippy cups, I found myself wishing for something that we could use to mark them.  I can imagine that in a few years I'll have the same problem at home.  It's not a big deal for two kids to share a drink, as long as both of them are healthy, and no bugs are flying around, and they can both deal with sharing, and they like the same drink, and their moms approve of the same drink...those are a lot of qualifiers.  So, I ordered some of these thinking that when we go to Fawn Hill for the wedding this fall they will be very useful.  They're cute and you can pick out any color you want.  If you order the ones that are pre-printed, they put the name in braille on the back, too.  (This appeals to me as a Special Ed teacher as well as a Mom).  Anyway, I ordered Kaitlyn's in purple and I love them!  They are dishwasher and microwave safe, and they fit on every style of sippy cup I own.  I highly recommend these, you could even get them for your older kids so they can label their water bottles at camps, youth activities, or sports events.