Sunday, November 15, 2009


First Snowfall of the season...I get to listen to Christmas music!

I have a cold you know how hard it is not to kiss Kaitlyn?

My family is awesome!

I miss Mandy.

One week until Thanksgiving...excited to see family.

Babies make lots of laundry.

Cupcakes are yummy.

Jackie looks weird with her tail broken.

You know you need to watch less TV when your dreams have Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, the cast of SNL - which I don't even watch - a monkey, Shaun White, and Al Gore. All in the same dream, all waiting outside a dentist's office. Weird.

Jared is the most wonderful husband ever!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Gargantuanly Long Weekend

Well, Kaitlyn has been throwing up a lot of her food lately. We thought maybe it was something I ate, but couldn't figure out what and it kept going, even after we started itemizing my food. We then thought maybe she was eating too much - she does love her food, after all. So we started giving her a pacifier - but first we had to find the brand that she liked! By the way, if anyone wants some free, slightly used pacifiers, let me know. By slightly used, I mean she sucked on them once and spat it back out - you could totally sanitize it and it'd be fine. Anyway, that helped some, but not all. Right now we're thinking that she may have reflux...wouldn't know a doctor's opinion, though, since no one from the BYU Health Center will return my calls, even a week later! Anyway, Saturday my cousin Andy and his family were moving, so we went up to help them out with that. Kaitlyn and I took Andy's girls shopping, mainly to get them out of the way. There's only so much help that a 7, 9 and 11 year old can do before they start to get bored, tired, whiny, and in the way. Jared, however, stayed and helped move big furniture. Then we came home and had a long night with Kaitlyn, more of the throwing up. It was a late night. Sunday I ended up sleeping late, which turned out to be a good thing although I missed church. My cousin Andy is also in a math class and needed some help from Jared. Andy was going to drive down Sunday night but my grandfather, who has been sick lately, went out to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. So, we went up to West Valley to see my grandparents and help Andy with his homework. We got home at around 10:30 and got a phone call from Jared's brother, Chris. He wanted to know what we had for burns. I asked what he'd burned himself on and he said water. When my sister was little she got a 3rd degree burn on her leg after tripping into one of those hot/cold water coolers so I was a little nervous of Chris' comment and went over to take a look. He told me he'd put aloe on his hand but it was still burning - five hours later! I took him to Walmart and got some Solarcaine and BurnJel. The Solarcaine only worked for about 5 minutes, but the BurnJel, which has 2.5% ladocane in it worked great! On the way home from Walmart I found out that this wasn't a cooking accident, but an argument between him and his roommate over the thermostat which ended when his roommate poured boiling water on Chris' hand! I brought Chris to my apartment and Jared and Dad helped Chris decide to call the police to file a report. The cops came over at about 1 am, and I decided to go to bed. Jared took Chris back to his apartment so he could get some clothes and any valuables and then they returned and Chris spent the night on our foldout. Monday Jared, Chris, and I went to the housing office to get Chris transferred to a new apartment, and then we spent the morning moving Chris from one apartment to a different one - down 1/2 flight of stairs and then up 2 1/2 flights. We were very very tired by Monday night - and then Tuesday Kaitlyn's stomach problems started again. She's been on and off again all week, but tonight has been pretty bad. I will be calling the Health Center on Monday and clogging their lines until I get to talk to a nurse - no messages! On the plus side I got this amazing photo of Kaitlyn and her Great Grandparents Zaelit:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Legend of Zelda...

Holy cow! My sister told me about this today and I just had to put it up here for y'all to see - it's amazing! My friend Jen made this costume (actually, both of her sons wanted to be Link, so she made two!) for her son Dax. It's awesome and Dax totally has the look down pat for the Hero of Time. Apparently, however, several people in their ward didn't know who Link was...what rock have they been hiding under for the past 23 years?

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I promise Halloween pictures, but they're on my dad's camera so I don't have them right now. In the meantime: I recently read My Sister's Keeper. It's been on my list for a while now, even before the movie came out. It's just that I have time to read now - mainly while Kaitlyn's eating. Anyway, I really liked the way this book was written from the different viewpoints of all the characters. It was kind of fun learning the backstory at the same time that you were reading the main story. There is some swearing in this book, and it is sad - but then it deals with a very political and fiery subject. Either way, it is well written and I would recommend it to anyone who likes stories about families in tough situations. We'll have to see how the movie is...I've heard it's different from the book.