Sunday, November 15, 2009


First Snowfall of the season...I get to listen to Christmas music!

I have a cold you know how hard it is not to kiss Kaitlyn?

My family is awesome!

I miss Mandy.

One week until Thanksgiving...excited to see family.

Babies make lots of laundry.

Cupcakes are yummy.

Jackie looks weird with her tail broken.

You know you need to watch less TV when your dreams have Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, the cast of SNL - which I don't even watch - a monkey, Shaun White, and Al Gore. All in the same dream, all waiting outside a dentist's office. Weird.

Jared is the most wonderful husband ever!


Sean and Jennie said...

I think Mandy is coming for Whitney's wedding! I think Jackie looks weird too:)

Mandy said...

Teehee, I love how your mind works. And I miss you, too!