Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adventures in Mommyhood

I thought I could take a shower. Alone. With the door closed.  I loaded up Disney Junior so Kaity could play games and went upstairs to do so.  I came down to find this:

On the positive side:
1. she didn't cut her hair
2. she didn't decorate anything that wasn't specifically hers (the actual computer, walls, desk, chairs, etc)
3. great fine-motor skills on this kid
4. her 'puter is now much more pretty
5. I got to finish my shower in relative peace and privacy

The negative side:
1. not sure how she's going to see and/or use the screen

I'm going to call it a win!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Goal Update

Today is the first day of February, which means it's time for a goal update.  On New Year's I sat down and wrote the following in my journal:
"With a new year comes new goals.  This year I'm not making goals of how to clean my house. That is an ongoing battle. I want goals that will help me, personally, feel better about myself.  When I feel good about myself I have found that I am a better Mom, Wife, and Homemaker (home-cleaner, too)."
This year's goals are:
  • read 100 books in 10 different genres (10 each).
  • lose 50 lbs
  • go to Disneyland and/or get pregnant
  • read scriptures daily
  • write in journal weekly
  • hold FHE weekly
So far I have:
  • finished 8 books and am currently reading 2 more that qualify in 9 of the 10 categories.
  • started a new weight loss plan and have lost 5 lbs.  I am hoping to begin adding exercise to my days
  • an appointment on Monday with a fertility specialist and sat down with Jared to put together a budget for Disneyland
  • read scriptures/Ensign about 60% of the time - up from before but still needs work
  • Um, wrote in it once. So, room for improvement
  • twice out of four Mondays, so doing good!