Thursday, April 10, 2014

So far in 2014

We went to the cabin for New Years' Eve/Day. Nobody stayed up until midnight except us. BUT, Kaity and Weston look super cute in their New Years' Crowns.
They pretty much spent the whole time fighting over who got to play with the Nexus. Seriously, though. There were two!
In February we had lots of fun decorating everything for Valentines and making crafts for friends. BUT, I took no pictures. :( We also had Blue & Gold for our ward. Our theme was Survivor and the kids got face paint. Here's our little commando. Also, an adorable picture of Kaity in her dance class.

This picture is in the bathroom because when she got home she ran to wash the paint off - it had become itchy!

In March we played a lot and then had St. Patrick's Day. We made Rainbow Pizza and decorated cupcakes. I am still finding sprinkles in random places because I left Kaity to decorate on her own while I did some cubs work on the computer.
Of course she didn't eat any of it, but she had lots of fun making it!

This past Monday we went to the zoo as part of a field trip with Kaity's Preschool. We had lots of fun and Nana met us there. Kaity even got to feed the giraffe! However, she was more interested in the fake animals to play on than the real ones. Also, very interested in the map.