72-hour Sanity

Week 1
This week for our 72 hour kits we bought backpacks.  Because it's getting close to that back-to-school time of year, some places are trying to get a jump on backpacks.  I got three backpacks for $15.00 at Ross.  I also saw some at Macey's grocery for $8.00 each.  Now we have something to put our 72 hour kits in!

Week 2
This week we bought 8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer for $0.99 each! 

Week 3
This week I bought a 5-pack of BIC lighters.  One went in each bag.  I also bought some pencil boxes from target to store all the little things that will need to be organized (such as lighters).  Total spent: $2.50 for the lighters and $2.00 ea for the pencil boxes (I splurged and got nice zipper ones)

Week 4

Whenever I go to Target, I always check out their Dollar section; they always have great stuff!  This week I bought some coloring books and flash cards to keep the little one entertained in case of emergency.  Also going in are some crossword puzzles for me and Jared, and a deck of cards in each bag (we're really big gamers at our house, so a deck of cards can keep us occupied for hours).  Usually you don't think of entertainment when you think of emergency preparedness, but think of how bored you get while waiting for a table at a restaurant and then throw in some panic/boredom/fear/etc from an emergency and you'll see why this is a good idea.  Also, add a blank notebook and a few pens just in case you need to take notes.  Total per bag: $3.50

Week 5
Eddie Bauer had these cute little crank/solar flashlights on sale for $7.99 each with a purchase.  I bought a shirt on clearance and then 3 flashlights.  They can work either using their solar panel or by the hand crank.  You do have to remember to crank them once a month so the battery doesn't die, but you don't have to worry about storing extra batteries or what to do if one leaks.

Week 6
Currently on sale for $3.33 at Cabela's: this 6-tool utility knife.  It comes in yellow, orange, red, green, black, and pink!  (If you order it online it's $4.99)  They also have a little nylon case that can hook onto a belt or fit perfectly inside the pencil box in our kits!  We got red for Dad, orange for Mom and pink for Kaity.