Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August is a very busy month for us!

Jared and Kaity at the reception

Dad and his siblings
Great Aunt Cyndi
The entire Heber Brown crew (minus missionary Chris)
The Kevin Brown crew (minus missionary Chris)
The newlyweds and Grandparents Brown
August is normally pretty busy in our family.   We have 4 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, and then there's back to school preparations.  Well, this year was double-time.  At the beginning of August we drove to Boise for Chris' farewell.  It was so much fun to see our family and Chris did a great job!  On the 18th Chris flew into Salt Lake, we picked him up, had lunch, and dropped him off at the MTC.  Can I just say I LOVE the new drive through drop off?  Before there was so much crying and people herding.  This is so much quicker, like a band-aid.  Anyway, that night we drove up to my parent's house for Kaitlyn's real birthday.  She even had a princess cake (which I made).  She loved it!  The next morning, my parents dropped us off at the airport and we flew to Sacramento, California.  I hate flying.  It makes me motion sick.  Having a 1 year old bouncing around does not help, either.  Anyway, we arrived in Sacramento and Grandpa picked us up.  We became part of the wedding-decorating party and ensuing festivities. When the Browns do a wedding, it's big.  When Cyndi does anything, it's big.  When both are combined: monumental.  When we got back it was time for Jared's birthday.  We went out to dinner and had a fun time with family.  Jared especially likes his new board game, Small World.  Finally, Jared started his last (hopefully) first day of Fall Semester; and Kaitlyn cut 4 new teeth (bringing the total to 9).  Here's to a wonderful, but less hectic, September.