Thursday, April 10, 2014

So far in 2014

We went to the cabin for New Years' Eve/Day. Nobody stayed up until midnight except us. BUT, Kaity and Weston look super cute in their New Years' Crowns.
They pretty much spent the whole time fighting over who got to play with the Nexus. Seriously, though. There were two!
In February we had lots of fun decorating everything for Valentines and making crafts for friends. BUT, I took no pictures. :( We also had Blue & Gold for our ward. Our theme was Survivor and the kids got face paint. Here's our little commando. Also, an adorable picture of Kaity in her dance class.

This picture is in the bathroom because when she got home she ran to wash the paint off - it had become itchy!

In March we played a lot and then had St. Patrick's Day. We made Rainbow Pizza and decorated cupcakes. I am still finding sprinkles in random places because I left Kaity to decorate on her own while I did some cubs work on the computer.
Of course she didn't eat any of it, but she had lots of fun making it!

This past Monday we went to the zoo as part of a field trip with Kaity's Preschool. We had lots of fun and Nana met us there. Kaity even got to feed the giraffe! However, she was more interested in the fake animals to play on than the real ones. Also, very interested in the map.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

October and November catch-up

In October we visited Linder Farms twice, then for Halloween, Kaity wanted to be Belle, so I spent forever putting this together (my mom helped with the finishing):
Corn races with Daddy

Grandpa and Kaity

Barrel train

Petting zoo
Hay maze, lots of fun!

Bounce house slide

Reading stories with Grandpa, Harrison, and Weston

One night we were playing with Grandpa when he decided to take a nap. So Kaity decorated him with pink post-it notes. He totally slept through that!

Bounce house zoo on our second Linder Farms trip

Pony ride

Barrel train with Grandma

Pedal tractors with Papa
Belle dress

Belle and Grandma
At our ward's trunk-or-treat.

In November, I got a new nephew
Oliver Toronto Hutchins

and, three days later, a niece
Alana Ruth Peterson

and a three days later a really bad respiratory infection, thus explaining the lack of Thanksgiving pictures. We spent a great time in New Mexico, though, with my parents and sister and sister's in-laws. We missed Jared, though, as he had to work.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Massive Picture Dump part 2

We had a combined birthday picnic for Tyler, Megan, Jared and Kaity's birthdays. We all went over to the HP park and had pizza and played. Here are Kaity, Weston, and Thomas feeding the ducks with Tyler.

More duck feeding.

On Kaity's birthday we had this little cake with pink frosting and a little girl figure that was on my cake as a kid.

Kaity thought her cake was so pretty all lit up!

Super excited to get a Sofia the First paint book.

And a Strawberry Shortcake dress-up dress.

Clockwise: Kaity, Shaiel, Amber, Brooklyn, Eva, Chloe, and Lilia came over for a princess tea party. We made crowns and had "tea" and cupcakes!

Then we watched Frozen and painted nails.

Also in August we went to Utah to have a Kaity/Brett party with Papa and Grandma Z. One day we had so much fun playing that Kaity fell asleep on Papa. He didn't mind.

Running in the sprinklers.

We went to the Tracy Aviary

Three crazy birds!

The elephant at the zoo.

Carousel at the zoo.

At the bird show at the zoo. They called all the little kids up to dance and Kaity and Brett had a great time!

Then school started! Here's her grown-up girl, preschool photo.

First Day of preschool, 2013!
One night I went in to check on her and Kaity was covered in toys and had fallen asleep with her book propped up. It was so cute I had to take a picture before removing her book!

Our first school field trip was a very cold, windy trip to the apple orchard. Here are Hyrum, Kaity, and Shaiel.

More apple picking shots. None of the shots in the field turned out :(

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Massive Picture Dump part 1

So I went through the pictures on my mother-in-law's computer from last year. Evidently, she is a much better rememberer-to-take-photos. Here are my favorites from last year:
Weston's birthday was in May. He got a trampoline - it was a big hit!

Kaity's Spring dance recital. She has so much fun with dance!

Mid-performance. Also, I made all 30ish pairs of those pants!

Me and the monkey.
Miss Becky, our excellent dance teacher.

At some point we had family pictures. The big one of everybody wasn't so great, so I didn't even think to see what the individual ones looked like. Ours turned out super cute, though!

A great pic of Nana and Kaitybug!
More cute pictures of the Toomer reunion in Heber. Also, Thomas had a birthday party!
Duck pond at the carnival.

Catching bubbles. I look at this picture and see my cute baby. Then I turn around and see my big girl. So sad how fast she is growing!

Handsome husband manning the prize table.

They had face painting by some awesome artists!

Kaity got a rainbow butterfly with glitter! By the end of the day she had rubbed most of the butterfly off but the head remained as a black dot for the rest of the week!
Three cousins listening to bedtime stories.
Running through the sprinklers at Nana's house for Thomas' 5th birthday.

More cheesy smiles.

Super cute!
Thomas, Kaity and Weston. Excited for cake!