Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Massive Picture Dump part 1

So I went through the pictures on my mother-in-law's computer from last year. Evidently, she is a much better rememberer-to-take-photos. Here are my favorites from last year:
Weston's birthday was in May. He got a trampoline - it was a big hit!

Kaity's Spring dance recital. She has so much fun with dance!

Mid-performance. Also, I made all 30ish pairs of those pants!

Me and the monkey.
Miss Becky, our excellent dance teacher.

At some point we had family pictures. The big one of everybody wasn't so great, so I didn't even think to see what the individual ones looked like. Ours turned out super cute, though!

A great pic of Nana and Kaitybug!
More cute pictures of the Toomer reunion in Heber. Also, Thomas had a birthday party!
Duck pond at the carnival.

Catching bubbles. I look at this picture and see my cute baby. Then I turn around and see my big girl. So sad how fast she is growing!

Handsome husband manning the prize table.

They had face painting by some awesome artists!

Kaity got a rainbow butterfly with glitter! By the end of the day she had rubbed most of the butterfly off but the head remained as a black dot for the rest of the week!
Three cousins listening to bedtime stories.
Running through the sprinklers at Nana's house for Thomas' 5th birthday.

More cheesy smiles.

Super cute!
Thomas, Kaity and Weston. Excited for cake!


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