Sunday, January 19, 2014

February crafting fun!

Kaity is always wanting to do crafts! Add to this the excitement she has for Valentine's day (it's a holiday about pink and hearts) and we have a kid who is asking for Valentine's crafts daily. (Since, like December). So I've searched the internet and put together a fun set of ideas to do as we get ready for Valentine's Day at our house.

Feb 1: Groundhog dot-to-dot. Switch out snow books for Valentine's books.
 - We have books that coincide with each holiday in a basket in our living room. It helps Kaity to not get bored with our reading selection and it also helps us get in the mood for the holidays.
 - Groundhog sheet found here: Preschool Alphabet
 - Also, I'll be putting up this cute subway art for the holiday: Cathy Zielske's Blog And this Bright Idea from our church's children's magazine: The Friend. And then I will find some cute subway art for Valentine's, too.
 - I got little mail boxes from the Target dollar spot and we'll be using these valentines from Our Best Bites throughout the next few weeks to send notes and treats to each other.

Feb 2: Groundhog Treasure Hunt also from: Preschool Alphabet, we will definitely have a groundhog treat bag at the end.  I think I'll make some clues for an outdoor hunt, though. But in case of bad weather, we'll have the indoor ones on standby.

Feb 3: Make a Handprint/Heart tree. We'll be tracing our hands on paper and cutting them out. Then we'll use heart stamps and different colored ink to make the leaves.

Feb 4: Valentine's worksheets from Over the Big Moon

Feb 5: Heart attack the kitchen! Write things we love on hearts and then tape them all over the kitchen. I'll be using these pre-printed hearts from Over the Big Moon.

Feb 6: Using paint chips from the store (the free card in the paint section), we'll make these heart mosaics from Putti's World.

Feb 7: Make heart shaped suncatchers with melted crayons from Crayola.

Feb 8: Heart shaped chandelier (or dangle-y things) from Hands on as We Grow.

Feb 9: Rice Crispy Hearts. Make rice crispy treats shaped like hearts. If we're extra adventurous that day, we'll dip them in white chocolate and then pipe sayings onto them. Like these ones found at Visiting (Don't eat all of them, you're going to be using them later in the week!)

Feb 10: Make and mail Valentines to Grandparents. I loved the mad lib and the template for a baby one found at Over the Big Moon. (Can you tell I really like these guys?)

Feb 11: We're going to read My Heart is Like a Zoo and then pick a few of our favorite animals to make at home.

Feb 12: We'll be making valentines at home (with craft paper, those paper lace doilies, and stickers) to take to preschool for our class tomorrow!

Feb 13: Today we'll have a Valentine's party at preschool, and likely dance class. So after that, we'll go shopping for any last minute needs for tomorrow's big dinner.

Feb 14: The Day! We'll be delivering valentine's to anybody who wasn't in our preschool class (including the ladies I visit teach and some great neighbors - this is where the extra Rice Crispies come in from the 9th). The rest of the day we'll be making a romantic dinner to share with the family. The following will be included:
 - Love Potion (probably with Jones Soda)
 - Bacon Bouquet (yes, Jared will think I'm crazy, but that's what this holiday is about, right? Being crazy in love)
 - Heart-Shaped Roasted Potatoes (I found the cutest mini cookie-cutters from Fred Meyer)
 - I'll also probably use the cookie cutters for other things, like cheese in a salad, and cucumbers.
 - This Minute to Win It idea for a placemat.

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