Monday, February 14, 2011


You know how when you have a cold and one side of your nose is blocked?
And then, for some random reason, it decides to switch sides?
And for just a moment you can breathe fully again?
Ahhh, I love that moment.

P.S.  Send me progress for your goals so you can earn more entries in the giveaway!  There's still room if you want to join!

Monday, February 7, 2011

February Healthy Giveaway!

Alright, I know I'm about a week late - my excuse is that my husband was recently called to be in a bishopric of a single's ward - which is part of the leadership in my church.  Also, he's finally got his lab up and running so here comes the big push for graduation...
Anyway, the players for this month's giveaway are (I've given you nicknames, if you don't like them, let me know of one you'd prefer)
  • Thumper: drink at least 3 bottles of water each day
  • Monkey Eyes: take your medication EVERY DAY; go to Curves at least once a week
  • Texan by Mission: eat more veggies; maintain 30 min exercise for 3 times/week
  • Symmetrical Mama: let me know a goal for you, or you can always use the group one
  • MamaJoZ: Exercise 3x a week on your bike or go for a 20 min walk around the zoo
  • Sarahie: even though you didn't make it for the deadline, go ahead and email me your info for the group goal this month - we'll count you!
  • Paper Wins!: if you see this, I'll totally count your no soda and make the bed goals and include you - let me know!
Here's how to enter: This month we'll be giving away a brand new Camelbak water bottle.  I love these bottles, and so does Phred - she figured out how to use them!  Anyway, you get one entry each for joining - that was easy!  Additional entries are as follows: at the end of each week leave me a message letting me know if you met your goals for that week.  Also, this month the group goal is take 30 minutes each week and write in your journal/blog/scrapbook.  The point here is to take time for yourself, to record your thoughts.  Life is so much easier if you can vent/create something about your own feelings without worrying about being a wife/sister/mother/grandmother/daughter/etc for just a short time each day.
Also, if you know how to make buttons (Sami) or if you can refer/invite someone else to this blog giveaway, you'll get an extra entry.  I really want to have a lot of people together and helping each other to achieve a more healthy and balanced life!