Wednesday, February 12, 2014

October and November catch-up

In October we visited Linder Farms twice, then for Halloween, Kaity wanted to be Belle, so I spent forever putting this together (my mom helped with the finishing):
Corn races with Daddy

Grandpa and Kaity

Barrel train

Petting zoo
Hay maze, lots of fun!

Bounce house slide

Reading stories with Grandpa, Harrison, and Weston

One night we were playing with Grandpa when he decided to take a nap. So Kaity decorated him with pink post-it notes. He totally slept through that!

Bounce house zoo on our second Linder Farms trip

Pony ride

Barrel train with Grandma

Pedal tractors with Papa
Belle dress

Belle and Grandma
At our ward's trunk-or-treat.

In November, I got a new nephew
Oliver Toronto Hutchins

and, three days later, a niece
Alana Ruth Peterson

and a three days later a really bad respiratory infection, thus explaining the lack of Thanksgiving pictures. We spent a great time in New Mexico, though, with my parents and sister and sister's in-laws. We missed Jared, though, as he had to work.

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