Monday, August 4, 2008

What I've Been Doing Lately

I feel like I've been so busy but when I sit down to blog about things I can't find anything worthwhile to blog about. Basically, July was the month of travelling. We went to Boise for the twins' birthday, then came home on the 5th after spending time at the cabin with Jared's grandparents.

When we got home Jared's sister Megan had her baby, Thomas, and so we had Mom and Matt in town for a week - lots of fun. After that, we went to my parents for a week to house/dog/grandma-sit for the week while they and Jennie were in Disneyland. Once we got home I went to new teacher workshops for Alpine district and I have to say that they are WAY better than Jordan ever was! I am so psyched to be working at OJHS this fall. Next we spent a morning in my classroom unpacking more stuff - and finding a mouse who had inhabited the filing cabinet that the previous teacher had left full of food. After asking the janitor (God bless janitors, my job would be so much harder without them) to take care of the mouse, we went back up to Boise for Tyler's wedding to Carisa.
The ceremony was beautiful and the Spirit was so strong. We ran around doing errands and had a fun time with the family all around. We'll be back home late Wednesday night and I'll be back at workshops/meetings/training/classroom set-up on Thursday. We are very excited, though, to be at home for a while. Also, we just found out that at the end of August our ward is moving to the 11 o'clock slot - happy for us! Blogger is being slow so I'll upload pics later.

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