Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few random thoughts

March has been a different month for us.  After the marathon virus that we all shared in February, I was looking forward to cleaning my house and working on some projects.  However, that almost never happens.  (Although I did reach my goal of less Phineas and Ferb for Kaity).
We did buy a super pass to Trafalga.  It's been a lot of fun so far and Kaity especially loves the carousel in Lehi.  Jared and I enjoy getting out somewhere for an hour or two and not having to worry about going over budget.
We found out earlier this month that my sister is having a boy.  She has decided to name him after our brother, Brett, who passed away shortly after birth.  They're still working on a middle name, I vote for Darrell. 
I was very excited this last weekend to go to the temple with my family.  It is so great to be reminded of the eternal nature of families, and I am so excited that we were able to find and do the work for some of our Lebanese/Syrian ancestors.  My cousin Tammy did such an awesome job finding all the important dates.  While we were packing to head up to my parents house, we got a text from my mom saying that my grandpa fell and was in the hospital.
I've been avoiding this subject lately because I really don't want to think about it.  When my Grandma Webb started forgetting things and falling, I was kind of expecting it: she had been sick for a very long time.  Grandpa Z, however, was always the "healthy one."  He would take me on rollercoasters and 4-wheeling and shooting.  I'll never forget when he showed up the day before my senior prom with a gun...turned out it was just a coincidence - he was cleaning out his storage and wanted me to have it because I was the only one who shot it.  Granted, I don't shoot very often, only once a year...but I love that he thought of me.
I went to see Grandpa in the hospital this weekend, and he was really out of it.  He did, however, know that the golf Masters are in a few weeks - he loves any kind of sport!  I also loved seeing that he was wearing the necklace I gave him when I was little.  Because my Grandpa's parents were Catholic, he always wore a St. Christopher's medal.  When I was little, we gave him a new silver chain to wear it.  It was a bit too long, so we had the chain shortened and a matching bracelet made for me.  Of course it doesn't fit anymore, but it'll be good for Kaity in a year or so.  Anyway, when my grandpa became active in the LDS church, he stopped wearing the medal but kept the necklace.
I was Grandpa's little girl.  There was nothing I couldn't get if I just asked - this includes making my cousins stop their pick-up basketball game to let 5 year old me play basketball with them.  I remember Easter egg hunts using his ballcap as a basket to collect my spoils.  I also remember dressing up in every scrap of orange I could find during deer-hunting season just so I could be like Grandpa.  Of course, I've never been hunting - it doesn't even remotely appeal to me.
Grandpa is back at home now, but he has fallen again.  They are having a nurse, aide, and physical therapist come out a few times a week to help him get better, but I don't think that there's going to be a lot of improvement.
Every time I see my grandfather now, I am grateful for eternal families and that day, 14ish years ago, when my grandparents were sealed to each other and their sons for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.


Sean and Jennie said...

I completely agree! I loved reading all your memories of Grandpa, it helps me remember a lot too=)

Cathy said...

Great post. I hope he feels better. what a great tribute to him.

Sami said...

Awww! I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Sam. I hope he's better soon, and that his balance and coordination won't get worse. The blessings of eternity do ease the blow of an ailing loved one, but that doesn't mean it's not sad. Hang in there!