Friday, December 16, 2011


We've been very busy lately with a massive project at our house.  Because Kaity's room was directly over the laundry room and had two outside walls, her room was freezing!  She would kick off all her blankets and then wake up at 2 am freezing and crying and wouldn't go back to sleep in her own bed.  Which meant that either she slept on the couch with me or in the bed with both of us.  We tried several methods to keep her in her own room, but finally we realized what the problem was and have since switched our two rooms.  Because Kaity is now in the bigger room, some of our old furniture is still there, as is most of our clothing.  Anyway, I have a large stack of craft supplies that I need to sort through and put away that is still in the corner of Kaity's new room.
Today, during her "play rest," during which she did much more playing than resting, she found the following in the craft supplies:
Isn't her bed pretty?
I especially love the stickers on each individual slat.

Aren't you jealous, don't you want such a pretty bed?


Sean and Jennie said...

She's a keeper!

Cathy said...

Looooove it! She has a future as an interior decorator.