Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catching Up - July

At the beginning of July we headed to Heber, UT for a massive Toomer family reunion. The Toomers are Jared's Grandma Brown and her three siblings.  We stayed at the Young Women's camp in Heber and it was really nice. We had one whole cabin to ourselves (by which I mean Jared's immediate family: Mom & Dad; Tyler & Carisa, Weston, and Baby Chunk (Harrison); Megan & John, Thomas, Michael, and baby en utero; Matt; and us three. Everyone had their own bunks and it was actually a TON better than I expected getting all of the kids to go to sleep. They were all so tired by the end of the days that there really was minimal cousin giggling.
It was so fun to catch up with all the extended family, and I am amazed at just how many of Jared's 2nd and 3rd cousins I actually knew! We had a carnival for the kids, hikes, nature trails, a giant swing, zip line, talent show, and so much more!
Cooking with Uncle Craig. This is what her face looks like when you say "smile!"

All the kids had water guns and Kaity spent a lot of time writing her name on the side of the pavilion.

Popping Bubbles at the carnival with Aunt Cyndi

Fishing booth. You won little baggies of Swedish Fish and fish stickers!

Board games were a huge occupation for the family. Here is a game of Acquire with John, Scott, Jared, Megan, Laurie, and Todd. You also get a pretty good view of the interior of the cabin. There were 16 bunks, total.

Each afternoon we tried to have "quiet time." Naps were out of the question, but the kids did really good with crayons, coloring books, stories, and crafts. And, of course, Disney Jr. on my iPod. Kaity insisted on wearing her visor like this the whole time!

Playing Monsters U, Left-Center-Right with lots of cousins!

Sandbox with cousins!

Deer were everywhere!

There was this huge swing! They just harnessed the kids and pushed them back and forth. Here's Thomas all geared up.

Kaity doesn't look like she's having fun, but she was giggling and waving the whole time!

Michael went all out! Even leaned backwards at one point!

So they didn't tell us we needed to bring two men to pull the swingers up, so us four girls would run down that hill behind me and haul everybody up. I was fairly sore the next day and very glad they had gloves to borrow.

Weston in the harness

Loved this picture of Ashlee!

That is me! Kaity was insistent that I would have fun, so I had to go. I didn't have fun, I don't like heights. That black square on the top of the tree is the height they pulled you to, then let you go.

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