Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We did not fall of the face of the planet...

So, my parents are currently celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. We are very excited for them and love the example that they have set for us. They are in Disney World, for ten days, by the way. Anyone who knows my parents would expect no less. Anyway, my 84 year old grandmother lives with my parents and can't be left alone. She isn't well enough to pack up and move to another person's house. Although there are 8 of 9 children in the county and at least 25 of 32 gradchildren (of whom I am the fourth youngest) live in the county, nobody can come spend a few weeks at my parents' house to take care of grandma. Two of my aunts are checking in on grandma by phone every day and are bringing her meals two of the nights my parents are away. The rest of the time is divided between me and Jennie staying in West Jordan to take care of grandma. Last Thursday night Jared and I went up and started our first shift. We came home Sunday evening. Jennie has had the wonderful pleasure of waking up early enough to commute from West Jordan to Spanish Fork every day for her student teaching. She is also engaged and planning a wedding and probably missing her finace quite a lot since she doesn't have a bunch of time to see him this week. Friday night Jared and I get to go back up and stay until Sunday evening when we pick my parents up from the airport. So, we didn't disappear, we just aren't in Provo at the moment.
I am very excited, no matter how this post sounds, that my mom and dad are able to take some much needed vacation time. They need a break and it's got to be nice to spend some just them time together without work and grandma demands. I also love my grandma, but she is 84 and has had several strokes which have made her a bit (a lot) on the cranky side of life. Oh, well, I get to sit and talk to her and as long as I don't bring up Obama she's pretty pleasant with me. :)
On a wonderful and unrelated side note; Jared and I have bought our first large baby item. Obviously I have already purchased some clothes, and other little things (not that much) but we decided that we weren't going to get any of the big items (stroller, crib, carseat, etc) until after we move. We aren't sure when or where we're going, but we do know that it is most likely going to be May or June, and we don't want to pack anything more than we have to. But, we were at Target last Saturday and saw this cute stroller on sale for $35! I know that the big travel combinations that come with car seats seem more exciting, but I couldn't fit one of those strollers in my trunk without Jared's help. Also, I can't push one with a baby older than 3 months in it because it's too tall for me. So, I thought a compact stroller would be better and we'll just buy the carseat separately. The picture is of a newer model, since ours was on clearance. Ours is way cuter, though. It's at an color, not the lime green/yellow that the picture shows. The background has a cream, light blue, and brown patterns. I really like it, and it can fold and unfold really easily, which was the important part to us.


Cathy said...

Very exciting, love the stroller. I'm so excited for Jennie, congrats all around. You will receive blessings in heaven for taking care of your grandma. Hope you're feeling well, past the big milestone of 12 weeks is very exciting.

Martha said...

We miss you guys but I'm glad to know you're feeling fine and just taking care of grandma. Maybe by the time we see you you'll look pregnant!