Friday, February 27, 2009

Phred Updates

We went to the doctor again on Wednesday and it was a pretty uneventful visit. No ultrasound this time, bummer, but I did get to hear Phred's heartbeat again. It's amazing how such a funny little sound can be so reassuring! The doctor said that everything looks good and since I live West of the Mississippi I can eat whatever kind of fish I want as long as I don't eat it every day. That's a nice thing to know. We find out on March 25th whether Phred is a boy or girl (if Phred is willing to cooperate, that is). So we have a poll on the sidebar now. Vote for what you think (or want) Phred is. The poll closes on the 25th and then we'll post after that along with pictures and updates. So far we're just happy that both Phred and mom are doing well and seem to be healthy. I am also very happy that I've only gained 3 pounds total - yay! I know that I'll be gaining more weight as Phred grows, but it's nice to know that he's using up some of my squishy reserves in the meantime. :)


Martha said...

I just voted and my vote made it exactly 50/50 boy or girl--it'll be fun to see! I voted boy but don't claim to be one of those people that has a sixth sense about it. I was convinced this baby (of ours) was a boy but was wrong.

Cathy said...

Very exciting! Can't wait

Camille said...

I love reading about how Phred is doing. I looked up the baby blog too and I love the light grean and giraffe ideas. I feel a quilt coming on.