Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Friday my dad turned 50! He got some good natured razzing from his coworkers and had a pretty nice day all around. He didn't want a big party, so instead he came down to Provo so that he could go to dinner at Tucano's with his kids. Before dinner, we decided to take dad bowling as part of his present. My dad loves bowling. He used to be in a league when I was little and I have many fond memories wandering around the bowling alley talking to the other league players (half of whom were my grandparents' friends and my dad's cousins). My mom's water even broke in a bowling alley when she was pregnant with one of us!
We had a great time and played two games, Dad's high score was 163, mom's was 140. Jared's high was 85 and mine was 82. I was surprised to learn that I am a better bowler now that I am pregnant. I used a kids ball, but it still almost knocked me over every time I threw it, because my balance is starting to go. Anyway, it was fun and my dad commented on the fact that I had such nice bowling form. (This was really a pat on his own back because he practically drilled it into me as a kid that form is so important and you can't be a really good bowler without proper form). It was still nice to get the compliment that I had good form, even though I had no balance. :)
Also, here is a picture of the belly. Phred popped out really fast and I've been in maternity clothes since 8 weeks. Now he's pretty much just spreading out in the space that he's made, so I haven't grown a whole lot since then. You can really tell when I sit down, though that I'm pregnant. Phred tends to stick out like a little root beer belly over the top of my pants, it's kind of funny.


Tyler and Carisa said...

Yay for belly shots!! Keep 'em coming!!

Cathy said...

You are looking great Sam! We are doing well. The dr. told us not to worry about waiting. We will try in vitro this summer if we're not pregnant by then. Love the Phred updates, and can't wait to see if you have a Phred or a Phrieda.

Michelle Kay said...

You are such a cute prego!

Tammy said...

Loving it! Also taking your dad bowling was a great idea I might have to steal it one day~