Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The final choices for engagement photos

So, Jennie and Sean wanted to have three different photos and just send them out randomly - meaning that different people will get different photos. I kind of like the idea, however, one of the ones they chose was really cute but also really funky. I could just see one of my great aunts getting it in the mail and wondering what the heck was going on. So, they narrowed it down to these two.
My favorite is the white one, it fits better with a Spring/May wedding, if you ask me.


Karl & Cheryl said...

The one with scarves is a much better head shot and the darker color contrasts their faces in a more flattering light. But that is just one opinion.

Drew said...

I still think it's so crazy bizarre that two people who have separate connections to me are getting married. Great photos! I like the second one. Like you said, more appropriate for spring. The first one looks kind of like a Christmas card. In fact, you could save it for that in the upcoming months.