Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phred Stuff

Here are a few items that we have for Phred. Those of you who know me know that this isn't nearly everything I have so far, so I'm planning on posting homemade items and important items (I'm sorry, but I'm not going to post every single outfit we get for Phred, you don't have the time to read through all of that :) ). Anyway, first up is an afghan that Mom Brown made for the baby. She made it in green, my favorite and it's very soft and beautiful.Second, I bought a stuffed giraffe for Phred to cuddle with when he gets a bit bigger. I love the floppy head. When my parents went to Disneyworld for their 30th anniversary, we were a little worried about them going overboard for there grand baby. I was very proud of them as they only purchased three items: a tub toy, a bib, and this enormous floppy, soft, adorable Mickey! Yes, to us, Mickey is gender neutral.Finally, I made this cute bib for Phred. It has a matching bib with a monkey on it as well, but I don't have that one finished yet. I'll post pictures of it when I do. I just finished it today, so you can still see the hoop mark in it - that'll go away when I wash it.


Tammy said...

The bib turned out so cute! I love it!

Cathy said...

So, so cute! Do you have a date for the ultrasound yet? You probably already posted that and I forgot it. I remember casting my vote for a phrieda:) Love the giraffes