Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook issues - why we left.

I had a friend tell me the other day about a guy who sent her very dirty messages on facebook. She reported him and his account was deactivated. Two days later, he was back on with a new account and sending her more messages. She reported him again, but apparently it is very easy to get around facebook's security settings designed to keep creeps out.
Next, another friend, Michelle, had a dirty link posted on her wall. When she logged on to take it off, she saw that she had a new message from an old friend. Upon opening the message she got a virus on her computer. Now she gets to have her brand new computer fixed.
Finally, this morning I received a suspicious message about a book that I had supposedly written my name in as well as a behavior contract. The book was then sold and someone's mom picked it up. They wanted my address so they could return it to me. Now, I did own this book, in fact I still do. It's sitting on my bookshelf at home. I never was on a behavior contract with my parents, and they certainly wouldn't have had me write it in a book - they are very pro-don't-write-in-books people. As I happen to know that I am the only Samantha Zaelit in the country (unless a cousin recently had a baby girl), I know that this message is bogus. Not a fan of the fact that anyone can send me a message, I thought that was reserved for approved friends only. Oh well, you'll just have to check here to find out what's new with the Browns. I'm not willing to take the risk and I'm much more comfortable with the security options and control options of blogger.

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Lemme said...

I love the "very pro-don't-write-in-books people" part...you're hilarious. I have a facebook, I never really got on it...but I've been hearing more and more stories like this. Better safe than sorry! Do you twitter? I've heard of that one too but haven't started an account or really researched it yet...