Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kaitlyn - 23 weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is going well with Kaitlyn. It's that lovely time of pregnancy where they test for gestational diabetes, so I get to go in next week for that test. Kaity hid from the heart monitor for about 3 minutes and the lady was getting really concerned. I told her I wasn't worried: I'd felt Kaity playing all day yesterday, she just likes to be stubborn when it comes to other people feeling, seeing, or hearing her I guess. She'll be kicking up a storm and then if Jared puts his hand on my tummy she immediately stops. I'm not worried, though; she'll run out of places to hide soon and then everybody will be able to feel her. One nice thing, though: she's decided she likes to play and there isn't enough room in my back to play, so she hasn't been in my back for a month! I know that won't last, but it's a nice reprieve right now, hopefully we can continue for another month until school gets out.
I actually made a list of questions for my doctor this time, usually I forget all my questions when I get there. She gave me a prescription for Zoloft - I love that this doctor listens to me. She said that I know my body and if I feel like I need the meds then she doesn't have a problem with them. Zoloft, she said, is her favorite for pregnant/nursing moms because it has never shown any effects to the baby. Also, I am cleared to fly to Dallas for my friend Mandy's wedding! Provided, of course, that I'm not having any contractions or complications, I'm good to go up until 36 weeks; I just have to take someone with me in case. Finally, I asked about childbirth classes. There is a nurse who works in labor & delivery at UVRMC (the hospital that we are going to deliver at if we don't move before delivery) who runs a class. She crams everything into one Saturday, all day event. The class costs $65 dollars and includes lunch and snacks for two people, as well as a tour of the hospital. Jared isn't really looking forward to a childbirth class, but he says getting it over in one day is better than dragging it out for 6 weeks. Also, since it's on a Saturday it won't interfere with any jobs, and since it's all in one day we won't have to worry about moving out of state mid-classes. We'll probably be taking it the first or second Saturday of June.


*Meg Larsen* said...

yay for zoloft. it really did help me and didn't seem to affect scotty at all.

Tammy said...

Yea for Kaitlyn and Mommy! Now if we can get through the next coupld of weeks we will all be good!