Monday, June 15, 2009

Perverted Salad Tongs from Hell...and other recent events

Okay, I've been a bit lax in the posting lately. Since I've finished work it's been so nice to just sit and work on home stuff. I've been able to work on several baby projects, as well as read and spend some wonderful time with Jared. It's great to spend my energy working on my home and being able to rest when I've needed to. Everything is still going great with Kaitlyn, although the 3rd trimester tiredness has definitely set in.
We had a miniature fiasco of a day last parents decided to get us a changing table to match our crib, for which we are very grateful. Anyway, we drove up to Murray to get the table, and then drove it back home to our apartment. The next morning we woke up and began to work on the changing table, only to find that none of the parts were labeled correctly. Two hours later, we were still nowhere near being finished and realized that one of the main, load-bearing pieces was completely broken. So, we loaded everything back into my parents Escape (luckily we'd borrowed it from them so we could transport the box) and went back up to Murray to return the table. We then took it home to my parents house. Along the way, we realized that we needed gas, so we headed for the nearest gas station. Unfortunately, we ran out before we got there - 50 yards from the station! Seriously, not joking. Jared went and borrowed a gas can, and we got the car to the station and filled it up. At my parents house we unloaded the new table and began to put it together. It took much less time, nothing was broken, and everything was labeled. We got almost all the way through and then took a break to go see Angels and Demons with my parents. It was a really good movie, but intense. When we got home we realized that we were missing six screws, so we couldn't finish the table that night. Oh well, Jared and I drove back to Provo in our car and my dad went and bought the screws and finished the table, which they then drove down the following Saturday. I'm getting very excited now, we have a crib and a changing table and curtains and a rug - we just need a crib mattress and a baby!
The one thing that has really bothered me about being pregnant (the only thing) is that my hands are swollen so I can't wear my wedding ring. Jared is so sweet and offered to buy me a plain gold band, but I didn't want to spend the money on a new gold band for just a little while. Anyway, he knew it bothered me a lot, so he bought me a stainless steel band that looks just the same for much cheaper. I love this wonderful husband of mine! He also bought me the Sims 3 (yes, I'm a sims nerd) and a graphics card to play it on the computer, very fun. For an early father's day gift we got him the Tiger Woods golf 2010 with the new WiiMotion. It's pretty cool in that it mimics your movements a lot more and makes you actually swing the remote as you would a golf club. We're just having fun together, and it's great.
So, we went to our birth class last Saturday, and I had a great time! I was able to get all of my questions answered, and we spent a while on when to go to the hospital and when to wait at home, which is really good info. Jared also came along and stuck it out for most of the day (a six hour marathon class). He had to leave when they gave us lunch and it was sandwiches with mustard on them. Jared absolutely hates mustard. The lady teaching the class kept going through lunch, so Jared was already queasy. As he put it, "I can't listen to birthing stuff, eat mustard, and watch some lady hold up perverted salad tongs from Hell and not vomit." He went to Costco to pick up some photos and got a chicken bake. While he was gone he missed the movies, which was a very good thing. I told him that the only birth he ever needs to be present for is the ones that I'm doing. Jared felt bad about having to leave me alone for a little while, but I'm so glad he went at all. I know how hard medical stuff is for him, and the nurse didn't pull any punches. I am so grateful to have a loving, wonderful, supportive husband to take care of me - even when he feels like throwing up!
One final note: Kaitlyn has begun to "play" video games with us. I know that some of you will be rolling your eyes that we've indoctrinated her so young, but I think it's adorable. Whenever either of us are playing and pushing the buttons, she kicks back at the same rate we're pushing the buttons. When I play, I rest the controller on my stomach, so this makes sense. But when Jared plays, if I'm sitting on the couch she responds to the movement of his arm if I'm right next to him or the movement of the couch. I love it. Kaitlyn also continues to kick like crazy whenever she hears Jared near and then stop and snuggle immediately when he puts his hand on my stomach. I think she's going to be a daddy's girl, because I think she's trying to get his attention every time he's near.


Lin said...

from your fellow sims nerd - what do you think? i've been wanting to ask someone but don't know anyone else who has it.

Sean and Jennie said...

I love the eloquent way Jared puts things:) I also love that Kaitlyn is playing games with her mommy and daddy, its all about family time right!
As far as just needing the mattress pad and baby I think the baby is probably the most important, but I am sure the mattress pad will come too;)

Drew said...

I just want to say how much I love the title of this blogpost.

(By the way, I need to get your current address--Email it to me, won't you?)