Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

We decided to go up to my parent's house for a BBQ this Saturday. It was fun to hang out and we had a really great dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers, salad, watermelon, and apple cobbler. I was tired, so we left early before the family did s'mores, but that's okay. We came home and it was so nice outside that we took a blanket out and laid on our front lawn and talked with our neighbors, the Owens, until we were all chased inside by the appearance of the sprinklers. This picture is of me cooking bacon for the burgers - I didn't want to get bacon grease on my shirt, cause I really like that one. However, being at my parent's house, the aprons are all disney related. This one has a black top and a red bottom with two yellow 'buttons' on the front. Everyone thought that it was really cute that my belly stuck out just like Mickey's, so we took a picture. Speaking of my belly, we went to the Dr last Wednesday and everything is going fine with Kaitlyn, no protein, low blood pressure, and she's head down - which is great since I'm not entirely sure she has room to flip if she weren't already set.


Heindogs said...

Yes, with your cute pregnant belly you make a great Mickey! Yay for healthy baby!

The Lukes said...

Hey Sam! This is Nadine. You're looking fabulous! I don't have your email, but can you send me your address? We have a small baby gift for you. So exciting! How are you feeling? My email is Hope you're holding up well through the hot summer!