Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, for twenty months we worked and prayed and saw many doctors and specialists and had x-rays and tests and couldn't get pregnant. Now - we can't get un-pregnant! We went to the doctor again this morning and I'm still not dilated or effaced at all. The doctor said she's pretty sure that we're going to have to do a c-section, so Kaitlyn will be here either next Tuesday or Wednesday we will be a family of three! We go in for one final check on Monday morning, so we'll have a definite date after that. I'm kind of excited to have an official we're done date and not have to play the waiting game anymore. It's a little different, preparing for a c-section instead, but we're getting used to the idea. I am so grateful for modern medicine and the fact that even though I can't deliver babies, I can still carry them and have them! For future planners, we'll be blessing Kaitlyn on the 27th of September at 1 pm in Provo.


Lemme said...

I can relate to the not being able to get pregnant thing...but hopefully someday, I won't be able to relate to the whole not being able to get un-pregnant.

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Lauren said...

I hope everything goes well!! Maybe you'll just have everything happen really fast, go into labor, and she'll be here in time after all ;-)

lbuck said...

Hey Sam-
It is Lisa B, from your old neighboorhood. I just had to tell you that I saw George Strait on Saturday! I was as giddy as a small school girl going to the concert. It brought back a rush of emotion. I rememeber sitting in your basement watching CMT and saying you were going to marry George! I don't think I would have ever listened to country, had you not been in love with George.

Hope all goes well with the baby. Tell your mom hi. I will be in Utah over conference perhaps we can get together.

Lisa B

Tammy said...

ITS TUESDAY so do we have a baby yet?????