Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3/100 - How Many Roads? by Dean Hughes

This is the third book in the Hearts of the Children series.  I really liked the Children of the Promise series but was never able to get into the sequel series.  However, I got interested a few months ago and began borrowing them from my sister.  I've got to say, I find Gene to be a bit boring, but now that he's in Vietnam I'm assuming his character will get some more dimension.  I kind of feel like Hans is thrown in so that we can know about the GDR, but I don't really feel vested in his story.  I do, however, LOVE Kathy and Diane.  I really like the way these young women are standing up for themselves and learning to be individuals but still maintaining their morals in a time when women were fighting for equal rights.  This is a very good series, I may even like it better than the first one.  This is in the books I own but haven't yet read category.

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