Monday, May 31, 2010

Picture Dump

Here are a bunch of cute pictures of Kaitlyn over the last few months.  She is now 9 months old and crawls around and climbs on everything!  She weighs 15 lbs and is 25 in long, so she's a bit small but we're not worried because she'll eat anything (except baby food vegetables).  Her favorites are bananas, mashed potatoes, and graham crackers.  She'll do anything for a graham cracker.
Jared's mom and dad at the HP park in Boise.  They have Michael, Kaitlyn, and Thomas, their three grandkids.  (Weston hadn't yet arrived).
Jared, Dad, Matt and Tyler (Chris was hauling dirt) planting trees in Tyler's back yard.
This one is from February.  Kaitlyn surely loves her food!
I got Dad's toy!  (Actually, she killed a Goomba the other day - saving her dad's butt during a daredevil run).
Kaitlyn loves to play with anything that rattles when she shakes it.  This makes Nerds boxes wonderful toys...until she gets them open and we have to take them away.
Playing cards with Uncle Matt, Uncle Chris, and Daddy.
Every day that Mom was here to visit, I'd inadvertently dress Kaitlyn in the same color.  She loved playing with Grandma and missed her very much when she went back home to Boise.
Kaitlyn absolutely loves bathtime!  Also, I love her swimsuit!  Two birds with one photo, hey?
This is Grandma Brown, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn's cheetos, and Great-Grandma Watson, once again we all coordinated outfits.
Kaitlyn loved having a playmate!  Here's another photo of Kaity and Michael.  Once again, he's 4 months old, 1 lb bigger than Kaity and they're the same height.
Probably my favorite picture from Mother's Day weekend.  Kaitlyn loves the piano, she plays with me, with Uncle Sean, and with Grandma Brown!  She is the only grandkid so far who has been allowed to touch Mom's piano.  Mom was playing A Child's Prayer, which is one of Kaitlyn's favorites, it's definitely her favorite primary song.


Cathy said...

Great pictures! She is a doll! Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding in August, or maybe sooner at a farewell:)

Michelle Kay said...

One more time for the record... your little girl is BEAUTIFUL! Her eyes are A-MAZING (yes, emphasis on the "A"). Oh, and yes, that swimming suit is super cute!