Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we moved, we decorated, we started a new job, the Easter Bunny came, Grandma came! Here's the scoop:

Okay, we mentioned earlier that we were moving to Brentwood Park apartments.  We did so, and thoroughly LOVE it.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped us move!  We didn't think we'd be leaving so quickly, but the Lord has blessed us with this opportunity.  We very much miss all of our 201 ward friends.  I work 15 hours a week as the office manager, and I like interacting with adults again.  Between having the stake reorganized, visitors, conference, and illnesses, I haven't been able to do a whole lot with the ward yet, but I like it so far.
For Easter the bunny came to visit on Saturday.  We watched conference and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Kaitlyn especially loved the plastic eggs.  On Sunday we went to the gun club, a long standing family tradition (since my grandma was little).  There was an Easter egg hunt for the kids and Kaitlyn got to participate.  Mostly Mom and Dad ate her candy but she was very happy to suck on a sucker for a few minutes.  Pictures are on my dad's camera, so I'll have to post them later.
Grandma Brown took a break to come down and visit at the end of April and then Matt and Chris went home after finishing finals.  Kaitlyn misses them all very much and we're so excited to visit them all for Mother's Day.
Extremely exciting recent developments:
  • My cousin Mark is getting sealed to his family in the temple.  He is in his late 30s and his oldest son is mission age.
  • My dad entered us in a sweepstakes and we won the grand prize!  Kaitlyn will be getting a savings bond, a bunch of Graco products, and a humongous 1st birthday party which we get to fly in 10 people for.  It will be a bit early though, in July, because the family is pretty busy in August planning for...
  • Jared's Aunt Cyndi is getting married!  Yay!  Party of the century!
  • My little sister is pregnant!  Ralph (name of the fetus) is due at Christmas time.  We always swore that we wouldn't have kids in December, but now that Ralph is on the way; we're very excited.
I promise to update more often as well as put Kaitlyn's 9 month stats and pics in later this month.


Tammy said...

Mark? On the Bishop side? Or the Webb side? Sorry Confused.... But excited for everythign else that is happening... Yeah for Ralph!

Jennie said...

K seriously I can't believe no one has commented! Kaitlyn is the most beautiful little girl. I am so glad you updated your blog, I have been missing it!

Lynn and Sandy said...

Kaitlyn is really cute! Sounds like you guys are doing great!