Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Princess and Twins!

So, for Halloween Kaitlyn was a princess.  She wasn't entirely sure about the trick-or-treating thing when we first gave her the pumpkin basket.  However, after the first 2 houses of ringing the doorbell and then getting candy, she loved it!  It was raining here so we drove to a few selected houses in my old neighborhood.  Kaitlyn ate far too much candy and had a great time!  Also, while we were in West Jordan, my dad fixed my sewing machine.  (Yes, I just got it back from the shop after a six week stay and, as always, there is always more wrong when you get the machine back than when you took it in).  Anyway, I celebrated by making myself this adorable wrap skirt.  I got the pattern off the blog Chocolate on my Cranium.  Anyway, I had some leftover fabric so I made Kaitlyn a skirt this morning.  We matched at church today and got many compliments.  I love it!  The skirt is warm, flattering, cute, and adjustable for when I either lose weight or get pregnant!  (Opposite effects on the skirt, but both goals that I will be happy with in any order).


Sean and Jennie said...

Cute cute cute!!!

Cathy said...

Such a pretty princess! And such a talented Mommy! Can't wait to see you at Matt's farewell.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The skirts are beautiful!! I love the fabric you chose.