Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Countdown Week 1

Kaity loved unwrapping a Christmas book each day so much, that I thought we'd do it again for Easter.  Also, there are several blogs out there that do craft countdowns for holidays, and I think Kaity is old enough to try this.  She loves helping me put together crafts for our home, so I found some simple ideas online, at craft stores, and in old teacher artbooks I have from my teaching years.  We'll be trying them over the next month.
I'm starting on Saturday, March 10, which will give me a full 30 days with Easter Sunday as the last day.  Because we are blessed to have General Conference the week before Easter, there will also be some General Conference items the last week of March.  Some days are simple coloring pages, some are more involved crafts.  Where things are not copyrighted, I'll post them or the link here so you can try them with your kids, too!
Please note that the crafts and the books don't necessarily match - I don't have the patience to go through all of that work, I'm just trying to get a good mix of Bunny Easter and Jesus Easter.  Saturdays tend to have larger craft projects, so Daddy can help.  I also tried to get Sundays to have more religious themed activities.
Books for this week:
Little Bunny's Easter Surprise by Jeanne Modesitt, ill. by Robin Spowart
A cute little story about a little bunny who wants to share the fun of Easter with her whole family.
The Golden Easter Egg by Katherine Zwers and John Tobin, ill. by Carol Heyer
I was so excited this past Christmas that I found an Easter book about Sebastian and Hopscotch!  The roly-poly shepherd and his lamb are back in an adventure to find the greatest Easter treasure.
It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown by Charles M Schulz
Yep, Charlie Brown.  We love him at our house
The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous
This is a Caldecott Medal winner with illustrations based on Ukranian Easter egg designs.  A very sweet story.
The Little Duck by Judy Dunn, photos by Phoebe Dunn
Showing the life cycle of a duck as it hatches from an egg and grows.  The photos are great.
ABCs of Easter by Patricia Reeder Eubank
Really pretty water color pictures accompany each page featuring alliterative descriptions of Easter fun: "B is for bright-ribboned bonnets, bold, busy, bunnies, and baskets of flowers."
My First Easter by Tomie dePaola
A short and sweet board book about the new things in Easter.

Supplies Needed for this week:
plastic suncatcher kit, crayons, cupcake liners, popsicle sticks, jewels or stickers or buttons, paint or markers, glue, green cardstock, plastic eggs, Easter erasers (make sure there are two of each), veggie party tray, scrapbook paper

Saturday, Day 1: 
You know those plastic suncatchers that you paint and then hang up in the windows?  We got one for $1.50 at Hobby Lobby and it'll be much fun!
Sunday, Day 2:
First Easter Story and Coloring page.  From, one of the Primary 2 Lesson Cards.  You can read the simple story and then color the picture of Mary at the empty tomb. Download here.
Day 3:
Cupcake liner flowers - looks like so much fun! See directions here .
Day 4:
Happy Easter coloring page.  I found this at  Just search for coloring pages and there are several free ones to print.
Day 5:
Eggs and erasers memory game: match the erasers hidden under the eggs.  Directions
Day 6:
How Many Eggs? activity page from Evan-Moor (an old teacher workbook of mine).
Day 7:
Easter egg sorting.  I used some cute scrapbook paper to make Easter eggs and a veggie party tray as a sorter so Kaity could match the similar patterns into each section of the tray.

I hope you have fun with your little ones, I am looking forward to playing each day with Kaity.  I will post pictures as we work on each project!

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