Friday, April 27, 2012

I haven't blogged because...

First off, I had a terrible toothache, it kept me up for three nights in a row - of course it was the weekend.  After a trip to the dentist on Monday I learned that root canal that I had done about a year ago was infected.  I went to a specialist and found out that there was an additional canal that was so small it couldn't be seen on an x-ray and that was why the regular dentist hadn't seen it to fill it and why it had become infected.  So, I had to get a root canal done again.  Good news: at least I didn't have to lose the tooth or get a bridge or whatnot.  Later that week my tooth flared up and I had to take an antibiotic and loritab to keep the pain down.  So, that's why I didn't finish the next week of Easter stuff.
Second week, we received a call from Micron in Boise and they paid for Jared and I (we paid for Kaity) to fly up to interview.  They put us up in a nice hotel in downtown Boise and paid for food as well.  We played in the hotel pool with Thomas and Michael and then went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and Red Lobster.  After the interview, we decided to stay with Mom & Dad B so that we could enjoy Easter weekend.  We had an egg hunt with the cousins (sans Weston who was in DC) and played tons.  It was a nice little vacation and we came home the following week.
Jennie came into town with baby Brett, aka "Chunk" and we played, shopped, and had lunch with Whitney and Megan.  While I was out with the girls and Chunk (Whitney and Megan both have baby girls in various stages of development), Jared got a phone call: Micron wanted to offer him a job!
After checking with me and praying over the weekend, we called back and accepted last Monday.  Then started the crazy list of everything that needs to be done.
Jared will be a Semiconductor Engineer and will work 4 days one week and 3 the next.  He starts on the day shift from 7 am to 7 pm and then will switch to night shift and back every 4 months.  He works Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and every other Wednesday.  We are so excited that we got assigned to the end of the week so that Jared still gets to go to church with us.
After talking with a realtor we decided to go up this past weekend to start the long process of looking for a house.  There are currently some awesome deals with buying a first home in Idaho and buying a home wouldn't be too much more monthly than renting.  Why waste our money?  Yeah, we came to the same conclusion.  So we drove up on Thursday and Jared worked on his thesis on Friday while Mom, Kaity and I looked at houses.  We narrowed the list down a lot (only one repeat and one that we didn't get the chance to see) and took Jared and Dad with us on Saturday while Megan watched Kaity (thank you again, Megan).  Well, everything was either too expensive or too small and we really wanted a home we could grow into.  We narrowed it down to two homes, one that Jared liked and one that I liked.  Neither felt right, however, and we decided to pass completely.  After feeling very discouraged, we took the day off, went to church, and then expanded our search radius.  We had been looking very close to Micron so Jared wouldn't have to commute, but when we expanded the drive by 10 minutes we found 60 more houses that fit our criteria!
We put together a list of 11 and set out bright and early Monday morning, Jared, Kaity, Mom and I.  The first one was cute, the second really great.  The third had a beautiful yard and the fourth had a crappy one.  On our way to the fifth house we were debating what home to keep on our list and what to rule out.  We really liked the second and third homes and felt comfortable putting an offer down on either one.
Then we pulled up in front of this house:
The house is right next door to a ginormous park with a playground, basketball courts, and a community pool.
We walked in.
It was home.
Because houses number 6 & 7 were right around the corner, we thought we should go look, just in case.  Yeah, we were really unimpressed with the sixth and didn't even walk next door to open #7.  We went home, put Kaity down for a nap, got lunch and took Dad out to meet with the realtor to put in an offer.
At about 8:30 Monday night our offer was accepted.
We start at Micron on June 4th, and move into our new home on June 1st.
Oh yeah, it has 5 bedrooms, we definitely have room to grow.
We can't believe how blessed we are to have found our perfect home in one weekend.  And that our first offer was accepted.  We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for leading us to the place where we should be.  I can't wait to start saving and decorating (it's gonna take some time to fill up that big house with furniture).
So now I'm packing and throwing out all the junk I've accumulated over the last 5 years in Provo - and not being very sad about leaving this college town.


Cathy said...

Woo Hoo!

Sean and Jennie said...

So excited for you guys!!

Laura Chapman said...

That is so exciting! The house looks really nice. So happy for your new chapter starting soon!

Martha said...

Congratulations Sam and Jared! So excited for you on the job offer and finding a great home. I'm grateful for blogs to help us stay in touch!

Mark and Carrie Miller said...

That is wonderful Sam! It always amazes me how much the Lord puts everything in place for us. Good luck in Idaho!