Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kaity's new best friend

We finally got a puppy.  You would think with the way I love dogs that it wouldn't be too hard to find the right one, but we need a dog that is good with kids but can also hold her own against an overzealous one.  Also, we have a small yard and a short fence - nothing too big or that can jump too high.  Anyway, we finally found one.  Her name is Laney and she is a cattle dog/lab/border mix.  She is 6 months old and we got her from the pound.  Kaity loves having her here, and often asks if she can go play with the puppy.  Laney knows to be gentle with Kaity but sometimes she gets too excited and Kaitlyn gets knocked over.  Some quick loves and they're best friends again.  Kaity loves to help out and has decided that it is her job to give the puppy food and water every day.  It's so cute to see them together, especially to watch Kaitlyn try to walk Laney.  They weigh exactly the same, so either one on the end of a leash is a hilarious exercise in futility.  Luckily, Laney stays close to me or Jared on walks, so we don't have to worry about her running off.  Here are a few pictures, as you can imagine, getting a puppy and a three-year-old in the picture at the same time is near impossible.

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