Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fotofly Family Pics!

My favorite of all three of us!
Originally we were headed to Utah to spend some time with the family, have a birthday party for my grandmother, and take family photos.  Family pictures are super important and fun to both me and my sister.
The first extended family photo I know of was taken in 1983 (ish). My uncle John was still alive, I wasn't yet.  The photographer was such a jerk and the picture turned out so horrible that the next extended family photo was taken in 2007.  Yeah, it was +2 grandchildren, 4 spouses, and 11 great-grandchildren.  That photographer was a friend of the family, Jay Bryant Ward.  He now focuses mainly on his painting career (and rightly so).
She looks so grown-up!
My immediate family took a group photo when I was in middle school.  I always loved going to friends' houses and looking at their family photos and seeing how much everybody had grown and changed - it made me kind of jealous and sad that we didn't have that.
Last year, my sister found this place on Facebook.  It's in Draper, Utah and it's called FotoFly.  They are amazing.  They have several different backgrounds and you rotate through everything in about 45 minutes.  They are AMAZING with children.  Last year I came away feeling like Kaity wasn't cooperative at all and my pictures wouldn't turn out - but I loved them!
This year, we all met up and did our sessions again.  Kaity loved all the attention and was such a little ham!  Here are my favorites from this year:

I am 3!

Candid Cuteness!

All the Zaelits

My dad is such a goofball, he is always doing stuff like this!

The best of cousins!


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