Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Time

It's Halloween and we are loving it.  Kaity is going to be "Princess Hair" aka Rapunzel, so I am busy making the costume.  We are also getting ready for a trip to Utah to do family pictures and planning various Halloween parties for Preschool and Cub Scouts.  It should be fun.
I love the idea of having craft/learning projects as countdowns to holidays.  The Activity Mom has some great ideas and links, so this year we've put together a folder and have been doing a few of the ideas I found on her site.  You can see the whole countdown here.

So this week we have done sorting, matching, coloring, counting, and Spider Webs.  Kaity loved making these, and they were super easy and turned out so cute!  Kaity couldn't to wake her daddy up to show him her "pider wev." (Jared is working nights right now so he's usually asleep until 3:30, give or take).  Anyway, I didn't have any black yarn but I do have a ton of spare yarn so we picked out the colors.  I like how they turned out, I think the bright colors really make the spiders show up well!

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Sean and Jennie said...

So cute Sam! You impress me with your crafty mothering skillz!