Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

Jared's family has a tradition of getting ornaments every year for each kid.  Some years they are just cute ones that Mom found, and some years they are more individualized.  We have adopted this tradition at our home.  We get one for Kaity and sometimes one for us that remind us of the year previous.
Our First Christmas together
Kaitlyn's first Christmas. She was such a Daddy's Girl, right from the start. Whenever Jared would put his hand on my belly, she's snuggle. It took forever for him to feel her move because she was always snuggling to him!
Christmas 2009 - we became parents!
Christmas 2007 - we bought this in Hawaii on our Honeymoon
Kaity 2011 - She loved "Hat Buddy" so much, I had to buy several boy's shirts that year just so I could bribe her to get dressed each day!
Kaity 2010 - Kaity began coloring on everything. She hasn't stopped.  She is such a little artist!
This year, Kaity has become our little princess.  She is so interested in anything that has to do with make-up, princesses, dolls, dresses, and the color pink!

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