Friday, November 2, 2012

Dreaming of those who have gone before me:
My parents, Lou & Florence
My brother, Ron
My son, John
My grandchildren, Brett & Kelli
I will see them soon

Dreaming of those I haven’t met yet:
Future generations,
I will send them off with a legacy, a smile, and a kiss

Dreaming of the day I met the love of my life
The day I gained a son and a wife
Two more baby boys followed
I raised them, all three to be great men.

The days they were married
Two beautiful women joined the family
And my four grandsons
Then two granddaughters
I watched them grow
I watched them graduate, marry, and have kids
Nothing better than little ones

Dreaming of the day we became a forever family
Dreaming of the day we will all be together again.

The picture above was taken the day I graduated from college.  My grandpa was so happy and proud.  But it didn't matter that I had graduated from college or that I was the first one in my family to get a bachelor's degree.  I remember my grandpa coming to my spelling bee in the fourth grade and crying because he was so proud of me (I didn't win, I misspelled bicentennial). I remember that Grandpa came to EVERYTHING; primary programs even when he wasn't active, sports games, dance recitals, birthday parties.  He never missed anything.  I remember when I was able to lay my baby girl in his arms, he was so sweet and careful with her.  He didn't want to hold her because he didn't want to drop her. I will always cherish the tenderness that this big, gruff, kind man held this little new baby.  My grandfather was a rock to me, an example of Christlike love and service.  Because no matter how much I saw him do for my family and for others, I know that it isn't the tip of the iceberg as to what he did in his life for those around him. I am blessed to have known him, and I only hope to be a little bit more like him.
I will miss you Grandpa,
Love, Screwball.

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