Monday, September 15, 2008

I am grateful!!!

I was reading on my friend Meg's blog the other day about how stressed she was and what did she do? She listed some of the things that made her grateful. I have been feeling very low lately, not necessarily stressed; but more depressed than anything else.

I am grateful for:
a loving husband who cooks and cleans for me.....a supportive mother who listens when I call to complain or cry.....a sister who can always make me laugh.....fallen leaves that I can crunch on the season.....loving friends who call to make sure that I'm okay.....books.....the Ensign.....scriptures.....when the weather gets cool enough to wear jackets and sweaters.....decorations for holidays.....a loving Heavenly Father who answers my prayers.....a loving Heavenly Father who doesn't answer my prayers the way I want him to.....Raven, Lily, and Milo the guinea students who love and teach me daily.....the color green.....being married to Jared.....the job and friends at nephew mother and father in Idaho who are always willing to listen and give dad in Utah who can fix anything, and can light up the room with his smile.....happiness.....


Lemme said...

hahaha!!! I love that your job was followed by your love for sarcasm!!! hhhmmmmmmm...interesting...I need to make one of these!! HEY!!! I just got the MOST AMAZING BOOK on amazon!!! I thought of you and how you could put it to good use as well!! click on the link

I use it DAILY!!!

Cathy said...

Sam, great list! You made me smile. I hope you're feeling better. Love ya,