Monday, September 29, 2008

My family

I had a friend ask me about my family, so here are pictures of them. Above is most of my dad's family, with my grandparents Ruth and Don Zaelit at the top in the white shirts.
These are my mom and dad, Peggy and Matt.
Jennie is my adorable little sister.

A fun one of Jennie.My Grandma, Lenore Webb, and my parent's dog, Elroy.
Mom and Dad Brown, Julie and Kevin.
Grandma Ann and Grandpa Heber Brown.
Carissa and Tyler, Jared's older brother and his wife.
Jared's little sister, Megan, and her husband John and baby Thomas.
My adorable nephew Thomas.
Matt, one of Jared's younger twin brothers. Matt is funny and smart and very sweet.
Chris, the other twin, and baby Thomas. Chris is funny and knows how to fix anything.
My sisters, Megan Brown Hutchins, Jennie Zaelit, and Mandy Martin

Mandy is one of my best friends. This was at one of the non-alcoholic pina colada nights (NAPC) that the girls often threw. Mandy is currently serving a mission in California and will get home in February.
Oh, and my favorite picture of my parents:


Tyler and Carisa said...

Sam, i love the photo you put up of tyler and me!! it makes me laugh sooo hard! Just remember the boys face at the drive-thru when we pulled up. Classic! Thanks for posting a great shot of us! =D

Michelle Kay said...

It is fun to see your family again. You seem to be happy and well. I want to see all of you seminary council guys again!

Cathy said...

Fun pictures! I love the last one of your parents.