Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Embarrassing moments

My friend Carrie tagged me to tell three embarrassing moments. I'm not sure what to write because I usually don't put myself out there enough to get embarrassed. Mostly I'm only out there when I'm on drugs.
For example,
I had to get a root canal and I was on loritab. I took the day off work and went to the dentist, then Jared drove me down to BYU so that I could apply for graduation. As we were wandering from our apartment to the McKay building so that I could meet with my graduation advisor, I started singing Christmas songs. But not just any songs - Scrooge from the Muppet Christmas Carol - complete with voices. I was singing and walking drunkenly across the middle of campus. I was too out of it to be embarrassed, but Jared, who was holding my hand so I wouldn't fall over, was pretty embarrassed.

Mostly Jared and I don't put ourselves out there in the first place. This means that we don't have embarrassing stories, but we don't have a lot of really good ones either. Also, once I open up to someone, I don't really care what they think of me because I know that they love me. This means that I can't get embarrased in front of them. Sorry to disappoint, folks.


Tyler and Carisa said...

BOO!! I wanted to hear all the dirt on you!! I guess i should have known better that there wouldn't be any... I'm glad no one asked me that question... I make a fool of myself at least twice a day. =D

Lemme said...

that's still a good one!! thanks!!