Thursday, October 23, 2008

Four Squared - Tagged by Karissa

My friend Karissa tagged everyone who read her blog to post the fourth picture in the fourth album in their pictures folder. Since I have photos both at work and home, I'll put both up:
This one is from Megan's baby shower. She looks freaked out because a few of her friends were discussing the details of home births without drugs. I almost kicked them out of my house. They really scared Megan and pissed me off, too.
This one is from Christmas 2006 in Idaho. Aunt Cyndi made all of us matching Santa slippers. Although it's almost impossible to tell, Mom, Dad, Jared, Tyler, Megan, John, Chris, Matt and me are all in this picture. Thanks Cyndi, they're awesome!

I tag Jenae Hasler, Aunt Cyndi, Carisa Brown, Aunt Cathy, Carrie Miller, Malarie Leao, Meg Larsen, Martha Harmon, Martha Birk, and Michelle Palmer.


Lemme said...

i'm totally loving those socks!!

Tyler and Carisa said...

Oh my heck!! thanks for tagging me... i was so happy with the photo that was four squared!! =D

TopHat said...

I'm sorry I didn't know you were pissed off.

Phil, Courtney, and Aiden said...

That's awesome! I was audibly surprised when I saw Megan in this picture.
I've been trying to get a hold of Megan for awhile now! Does she have a blog or a facebook or something that I could get a hold of her on?

Cathy said...

Sorr, I've been out of town to seister's weekend, but I'm going to post my fourth picture right now.