Thursday, December 4, 2008

an ABC book

My friend Janice has a great blog that has ideas and great items listed for moms with young children. At a scrapbooking night my friend Christine was making a Gospel ABC book for her daughter. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to make one myself! Of course, since I don't have kids that's not very practical, so I made one for my nephew, Thomas. I took the ideas from a source that she posted, but the link doesn't work anymore so I won't put it on here. Just know that they are not all my own ideas, although some of the letters I didn't like and tweaked them myself.
A is for Angels - "When Jesus appeared to the people in the Book of Mormon, he blessed the children. Then angels descended and encircled the little ones and ministered unto them. -3 Nephi 17:18-25"B is for Baptism - "When we turn 8 years old, we can be baptized just like Jesus was baptized. When we are baptized, we become members of His church. -Matt 3:13-17"C is for Church - "I always have a happy felling when I go to church. -D&C 59:9-10"D is for Daddy - "-Malachi 4:6" (could also use disciple)E is for Eternity - "Mommy and Daddy were sealed in the temple for time and eternity. That makes us an eternal family. -D&C 132:19"F is for Family - "-3 Nephi 18:21"G is for GrandparentsH is for Heavenly Father - "When Joseph Smith went into the sacred grove to pray, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. Heavenly Father loves each of us verymuch. -JS-H 1:14-17"I is for I am a Child of God - "I am a child of God, and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear. -Hymns #301"J is for Jesus Christ - "Jesus loves us very much. He has made it possible for us to someday live with Heavenly Father again. -D&C 14:7"K is for Kneeling - "Jesus showed us how to pray. When we kneel down to say our prayers, it shows Heavenly Father that we love and respect Him. -Luke 22:41-44"L is for Love - "Jesus loved the little children, little ones like me. -Children's Songbook #59 -Mark 10:13-16"M is for Mommy - "-Alma 57:21" (could also use marriage)N is for Noah - "Noah was a prophet. He tried to get everyone to be good. He built an ark and put two of every kind of animal on it. They all lived on the ark while it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. -Genesis 6-8"O is for Obey - "Obedience means doing what we are told to do, as long as it is right. Even the wind and the sea obey Jesus' commands. I will obey his commandments, too. -Mark 4:36-41"P is for Prophet - "We have a prophet on the earth today. He tells us what Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to know. He leads our church. -Amos 3:7"Q is for Quiet - "One of the ways we can be reverent in church is by being quiet. When we are quiet we are listening and the Spirit can tell us what to do. -Children's Songbook #27"R is for Resurrection - "Jesus was crucified, but three days later, he rose again. He made it possible for all of us to be resurrected. -John 11:25 -Alma 33:32"S is for Sacrament - "Every week we take the sacrament at church. When we eat the bread and water, we promise Heavenly Father and Jesus that we will try to be like Him and follow His commandments always. -D&C 20:75-80" (could also use scriptures)T is for Tithing - "We pay 10% of the money we earn to the Church. This money helps build temples and churches all over the world. -D&C 119:4" (could also use temples)U is for Utah - "The pioneers left their homes and went across the plains in wagons and handcarts to settle and worship the Lord in the state of Utah."V is for Vision - "A vision is a dream from Heavenly Father. Lehi and Nephi had a vision of the tree of life, the iron rod, and the straight and narrow path leading to it. -1 Nephi 8:11"W is for Word of Wisdom - "We can take care of our bodies by eating good food and staying away from strong drinks, tobacco, and other bad things. -D&C 89"X is for eXaltation - Exaltation is eternal life, the kind of life which Heavenly Father lives in the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. Forty days after His resurrection, Jesus left his apostles and ascended into heaven in a cloud to be exalted by the right hand of God. -Acts 1:9-11; 2:32-33"
Y is for You - "Heavenly Father made you special. There is no one else like you. He loves you very much."
Z is for Zion - "Zion means the pure in heart. It is how Heavenly Father wants us to be. I can create a Zion in my home by listening to my parents, sharing with others, and making sure that I am always trying to be like Jesus. -Moses 7:18"

For any of my siblings who are now whining because they want one, don't worry, I have the materials to make you one, I just only had time to do one before Christmas. I'll definitely get you one sometime over the next year. Pictures will be uploaded later tonight.

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Cathy said...

That is so cool. I have seen one of those completed, and it is so cute. A lot of work!