Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is a very touchy subject, and I understand that there are widespread views, feelings, and thoughts on abortion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, of which I am a member, opposes abortion except in certain circumstances (incest, rape, health reasons). With the election of Barack Obama, many people are beginning to criticize his belief that women should be able to choose what happens with their bodies. With the passing of his proposed law, it would be easier for women to get abortions and it wouldn't be required for parents to approve or be notified of an abortion by their minor daughter.
As many of you know, my family often struggles with infertility. It took my parents six years before getting pregnant. Jared and I have been trying for just under two years. I have several cousins, aunts, and friends who have also been given this trial in their lives. Every time I hear about an abortion, I feel sick inside. It makes me so sad to think of all the people I know and love who would make wonderful parents and would love to care for that baby. I do believe that abortion is murder, and that it would be so much better if that baby were put up for adoption to a loving, wanting, deserving family.
All of this being said, I believe that abortion should be legal. I know that this seems like a catch-22. On the flipside of the coin, I have known many girls who found themselves pregnant, whether they planned to or not. I have known the girls who were overjoyed and so excited, I have known girls who were scared, I have known girls who were disowned by their families and kicked out while still minors. The fact remains that, like the prohibition of alcohol, if abortion were to become completely illegal in the United States, it would merely go underground. Desperate girls have, in the past, and would again, take desperate measures to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Some would find doctors who would do it after hours, but some would find people who claimed medical competency but actually knew nothing and some would try to do it themselves. The latter two end up suffering from injuries that could render them infertile for life, or they could end up dieing.
I believe that abortion is murder, with all of my heart. I believe that (except in a few circumstances) every woman is entitled to a choice. That choice is whether or not to have sex in the first place. If a baby results from that act, and it is not wanted or the mother feels that she cannot care for it, then I believe that adoption is the best (and only) course of action. I believe that the baby is, in fact, a living human being from the moment of conception, and I don't give any credit to all this embryo/fetus development stages crap that people use to justify abortion. However, I still believe that abortion must remain legal. It's a very conflicting position and I am fully aware of that - but it's how I feel.
I would just like to close by saying that none of us is capable of judging another's actions. Whenever we are given a set of choices or trials we are all subject to our own beliefs, agency, and understanding to make it through the test that we are currently living in - mortal life. Like my grandmother always said "If we were to put our troubles up on a clothes line next to our neighbor's, we'd immediately choose ours back again." Please, I'm not saying you should abandon your personal beliefs, but choose to treat others with kindness and love, trusting that the Lord will take care of the rest.


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Very well said Sam. I have held the same belief for many years. It is difficult to explain sometimes - you did a beautiful job.


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Jennie said...

I loved the way you put this and although I am against legalizing abortion, I completely understand your feelings on the subject. It is such a difficult thing to understand. Every person is so different and has different beliefs. I can't wait till the second coming when Jesus will come and rule and reign. He will be the perfect leader, but until then I put my trust in Barack Obama. He is going to be the leader of our country and I have faith that God has provided guidance and assistance to every president of the United States thus far and will continue to provide that guidance.

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Umm... why was I deleted? Did I really say something to offend?

This is puzzling.