Sunday, January 3, 2010

And We're Back

Here's the ginormously long update. For Halloween Kaitlyn was a pumpkin. We went to my parent's house and my dad and I took Kaitlyn trick or treating. She loved being outside and visiting other people. We went to three houses :) Thanksgiving brought us to Boise with the Browns. We enjoyed lots of games, yummy food, and fun family. We put up the Christmas tree and had fun with cousin Thomas. Kaitlyn is excited for her new cousins to get here this year - one in January and one in June. For Christmas we went to Grandma Z's on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun to see everyone. Christmas morning we got to spend together as our own little family - and loved every minute of it! Kaitlyn got a seahorse named Shelby that plays music. She loves it! She likes to talk to it, hug it, and eat it of course! Later that afternoon we went up to my parents for dinner with my grandparents and all of my sister's in-laws. It was fun to play games and get to know the Petersons better. We are excited to begin a new year with our little family and look forward to everything it will bring.

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Sean and Jennie said...

adorable pics! I love this little cutie!!!